Infinite Creation Art

 Fountain Manufacturing parts package close out page.

Holes drilled in slate stone and shaped down for $5.00 per fountain extra.

Tools and instructions included in package.

Table top display stand at bottom

Link to Images of parts in current condition included of Package items below this statement.

Approximate Package wholesale price total


80% Discount on package 

Package asking price $3050.00

Deliver to Tacoma $400.00

Or reasonable offer

I am forced to sell, health, and changing business cannot do both.

Our fountains are designed to let water fall off natural slate stone into a high-fired pottery bowl. This design minimizes splashing. The sound can be modified by the level of water. As it falls farther there is more room in the ceramic chamber to enhance/echo the sound of splashing water.  The Pottery does not absorb the sound and it also helps in lowering the undesirable pump sound. 

 The best benefit of fountains is Feng_Shui  Chi and harmony in the home.

All Infinite Creation Fountains are limited production art pieces.  

Most parts we have in stock. However, fountains are made custom order.

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.


We only use the high quality Pump. 




Coos Bay Or 97420


Image gallery of history link


Used Pottery equipment offered for sale by Studio


These numbers are minimum to build. There are many extra slate

and bowls pump covers and such. Just good quality bowls counted.

Many many extra vases

Includes all parts to make the approx. number of fountains in perspective colors and sizes listed below. Package includes

  Tabletop Waterfall  Price Each   In stock or parts to make Total normal wholesale price   Pounds   
  Parts to build these fountains No pumps in price          Weight  
Mini California Slate   8 Fountain             2 tiers 40 56 2240   588  
Small CA or Exotic Stone * 12 Fountain             1 tier 60 75 4500   1190  
Medium CA or Exotic Stone *  14 Fountain             2 tiers 80 85 6800   1750  
    Fountain Pumps          
Pump China 60 gph 1/4 inch nipple 3 48 96   25  
Fountain Teck FT-70-I 70 gph 1/2 nipple 5 7 35   3.5  
AP-80 80 gph 1/2 nipple 10 110 660   110  
used pumps    2 80 plus minus 160   250  
Extra Fountain Vase    10 50 500      
Sears Drill Press 1/2 hp 1/2 Inch new 500 1 100   75  
Water Swivel Water Swivel for diamond bits 75 1 75   2  
Diamond hollow core drills Diamond hollow core drills 4 25 50   2  
RR anvil for shaping Rail Road track anvil 15 1 15   25  
hammers and chisels     5 10   8  
Softening Bricks Softening bricks 5 3 10      
Tube cutters     3 6   1  
Tubing 6"  1 120 lineal feet      15  
Aprox. Wholesale pirce total       15257   4420 lbs. of product
    80% Discount for package   3050      
Two Pick-up with trailer loads delivered  Tacoma Wa. From Coos Bay     400      


Package includes assembly diagram drawing

 Web sites to re-build / re-work.

All business information images,


Colors available below

Mini Fountain     

8x5 inch

Retail price 1994 to 2006 $90.00




Blue Glaze with California Slate


6 Blue  Mini Fountain Part Sets Available 


14 Black Mini Fountain Parts Sets Available


 6 Rust  Mini Fountain Parts Sets Available


30 Green Mini Fountain Parts Sets Available


Total 56


Small Fountain

Retail price 1994 to 2006 $130.00



Black Glaze with California Slate




7 Blue  Small Fountain Part Sets Available 


55 Black  Small Fountain Parts Sets Available


 12 Rust  Small Fountain Parts Sets Available


5 Green Small Fountain Parts Sets Available


Total count of 75





Medium Bell 14x6 inch

Retail price 1994 to 2006 $170.00



Rust Medium Bell Bowl  Glaze with  Plane  California Slate


10 Blue Medium Bell Fountain Part Sets Available 


0 Black  Medium Bell Fountain Sets Parts Available


3 Rust  Medium Bell Fountain Parts Sets Available


1 Green Medium Bell Fountain Parts Sets Available


Total 14 medium bell  




Medium Fountain (Full Fountain) Bowl 14x6 inch

Retail price 1994 to 2006 $170.00





                       Sample Glaze Color Green


16 Blue Medium Fountain Part Sets Available 


24 Black  Medium Fountain Sets Parts Available


 13 Rust  Medium Fountain Parts Sets Available


3 Green Medium Fountain Parts Sets Available



 70 total medium and medium bell combined




Hand thrown Medium Cracked (Ancient ruins theme) and Mini spilling vase







China Pumps










Table Top Stand package available


8" X 8"   Curl Legs  Total          696

10"X9"  Curl Legs                       10

12" X 10" Zig Zag legs Total     306


Total Stands               1012   All in stock  for .75  cents each.   Total Price  $759




Coos Bay Or 97420